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 > Boron Oil (Semi Synthetic)

(15°C, g/ml)
Flash Point
Pour Point
Ph Value % 5 Concentration IP 125 Herbert Corrosion Test (%5)
BOIL BST/30430.900-- 9.0 0

WARRIOR® BOIL-BST kind of oils that are used by emulsification with water, provide cooling and oiling in cutting and stoning operations of various metals. It has a good characteristic of cutting and preventing rust. It has low emission stability. Well refined oils provide protection against rust. It has a high oiling characteristic. It can be used as hydraulic oils by combining with water in a certain ratio in various situations such as in metal treating where cooling is more important that oiling, in hot and cold cupper applications, leather layering processes, forging presses and mine ceiling supports.

When mixed with water, this high qualified oil has a good emission stability. It is mixed with water in 1/20 ratio for applications where cooling is more important than oiling. It doesn't form foam. Since it is a stable emission, it provides good protection against corrosion and doesn't cause ant skin infection.

  • Can mix with every ratio by water with various hardness,
  • Prevents rust, corrosion and erosion.
  • Not foaming characteristic,
  • Prevents bacteria formation.