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 > Electro Erosion Oil

Typical Properties Method
Density15 °C g/ml 0.82ASTM D-1298
Color+30ASTM D-158
Viscosity 40 °C2,5-3 CstASTM D-445
Flash Point °C120 °CASTM D-92
Pour Point °C+- 0ASTM D-2500
Aromatics, ABS.U.V.2700 nm0.15 

General Information

  • It has a high flaming point,
  • Eliminates vaporing loss,
  • Harmless to environment because of being odorless,
  • Colorless,
  • Resistible to oxidation and doesn't produce sticky byproducts,
  • Increases lifetime of liquid and electrodes,
  • Settles the metallics in a short time,
  • Absorbs the temperature in spark easily,
  • Easily filterable by filter papers,
  • Doesn't contain wastes that irritates the skin.


  • " In oil selection, it is suggested to use the oil that the machine producer and BORA® technical person will advise.
  • " We advise you to use WARRIOR® Protecter-X to protect your machines and prevent them from


200 lt. In steel Barrels