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Mr. Erkan BORA who is the founder of the "BORA TEKSTIL PARAFINLERI SAN. TIC. LTD." has begun the business as a mechanical engineer at the most important firms in Turkey's textile sector at various positions such as the tecnical manager and the general manager. For the problems which caused by the lacking of solutions of paraffin cylinders requirements in the Turkish textile sector, he has founded his firm in 1987.

The firm has deserved Turkish Standards Instutıtue's Qulity Certificate for the first time in Turkey as a local supplier of the mechanically serial production of paraffin cylinders. All of the production machines has been designed and made by Mr. Erkan BORA, according to the standards of the scales of the textile machines all the around the world. The firm also offered the solutions for the other mechanics of the sector's requirements.

The raw meterial is the most important thing for production of qualified paraffin cylinder. According to the incoherent quality of the raw materials which is supplied by the local local suppliers, the firm, sometimes has to obtained them from the foreign countries to protect its quality.

The paraffin is open to the chemical compositions it shows its effection to the thread. BORA TEXTILE PARAFFINS use their own original formulation which is suitable for the textile machines which processing the thread. This formulation would be odoured according to the colours if requested for positive effection in the textile the firm. Our products which we present to the local and foreign industrialist, have been made in a perfect combination of the paraffin and the other intermediaries for melting , cristalization, penetration and friction's coefficient composures in connection with the temperature and humidity, we use two different formulation for summer and winter. We also note our customer's requirements concerning their climate of the firm at the time of the order and we change our formulation according to the firm's conditions.

We ofer the paraffin cylinders under our main formulations for thin threads NE 28 and uppers in penetration term as 10-11 YELLOW colour, for middle threads NE 22-26 in penetration term as 19-20 GREEN colour, for thick threads NE 20 and lowers in penetration term as 23-25 BLUE colour, according to the world standards. We also ofer the paraffin cylinders in orange colour for threads in low friction, smooth, cotton mixture and synthetic, in ROSE colour for whitened or coloured afterwards wool, cotton and synthetic (for machine park climate of 25C and uppers) Our daily production capacity is 5,500 kgs for all scales standards relating our machines as 5,400 kgs. couldron chamber and 4200 compartments.

We will continue to offer you our alternatives under our quality priciples. Our slogan is "your thread is very precious for us".