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(15°C, g/ml)
Flaming Point
Flowing Point
BOIL H-22220.870200-27
BOIL H-32320.870205-27
BOIL H-46460.880225-24
BOIL H-68680.90023524
BOIL H-100990.910235-21

General Information

WARRIOR® BOIL-His produced for pressing machines, various textile machines, reeding, yarn spinning and twisting machines, plastic injections and extruders, air compressors, circulation oiling systemic bearings that work in normal conditions and for cogwheel boxes in plain beds. It conserves oils with high oiling capacity and easily cleansing property. Since it conserves additives to prevent corrosion and provide extra strength, it gives a very good result in rock breaking machines, cogwheel pumps and mine machines. It provides long lifetime because of its easy filtration and separation from water property. It decreases the operational costs by long oil change periods and by preventing corrosion. By its strong thermal stability, oxidation, foam, rust and corrosion preventation properties, it provides the system work efficiently and prevents failure stoppings. By its perfect chemical and thermal stability, it doesn't collect sediments. It is available for multi purpose usage.


  • In oil selection, it is suggested to use the oil that the machine producer and BORA® technical person will advise.
  • For dust and wastes in machines we advise you to use our special cleaning oil WARRIOR® Cleaner-X.
  • We advise you to use WARRIOR® Protecter-X to protect your machines and prevent them from oxidation

20 lt. ve 200 lt. In steel Barrels