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(15°C, g/ml)
Wash abilityPh
(%5 water)
BOIL S-22220.855PerfectNeutral
BOIL S-32320.860PerfectNeutral
BOIL S-37370.860PerfectNeutral
BOIL S-46460.870PerfectNeutral
BOIL S-68680.890PerfectNeutral

General Information

  • WARRIOR® BOIL-S type of oils are produced for knitting machines. They have a high oiling capacity and can be cleaned very easily.
  • They are composed by semi synthetic oils, emulgators and special additives.
  • Appearance: Light Yellow, Clear Liquid
  • Emulsion: Stabile milk emission
  • By the help of functional additives, it decreases needle corrosion and machine friction. As a result it increases the life time of machines, decreases energy costs and increases the efficiency.
  • Flaming Point: >200 °C
  • Freezing Point: -12 °C
  • Oil defects can be easily removed from fabrics in pre training process by its easy emission characteristic.
  • It provides strength and protection from oxidation and rust on metallic surfaces.
  • It resists to the high temperature which is as a result of friction in new king of high speed knitting machines. And it decreases the temperature of the machine.
  • It is harmless to the synthetic and natural fibers.
  • It eliminates the electricity that becomes on the machine.


  • In oil selection, it is suggested to use the oil that the machine producer and BORA® technical person will advise.
  • For dust and wastes in machines we advise you to use our special cleaning oil WARRIOR® Cleaner-X.
  • We advise you to use WARRIOR® Protecter-X to protect your machines and prevent them from oxidation.

In 5 lt. and 20 lt. plastic barrels, 200 lt. . steel Barrels