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Paraffin from refinery to textile

The quantity of waxes obtained from crude petroleum has increased continuously because of:
1- The demand for lubricating oils with low pour points and
2- The large proportion of paraffinic crudes in total crude oil production that have to be dewaxed for the production of lubricating oils.

Paraffin waxes are obtained from light and middle lubricating oils cuts of vacuum distillation. Paraffin waxes also include waxes from heavy lubricating oil distillates, which are intermediates between macrocrystalline and microcrystalline waxes with regard to structure and composition (intermediate waxes). Paraffin waxes consist predominantly of mixtures of straith-chain alkanes in a typical distribution of the homologous series whose molar masses depend on the boiling range of the lubricating oil distillate from which they are obtained.

Paraffin wax production is based on the slack waxes obtained during the production process of lubricating oils. In order to produce premium paraffin waxes, the lubricating oils are extracted in our de-oiling plant. After further refining the paraffin, waxes are packed in slabs or granular forms according your demands which are supplied by our marketing department including their analyse report of your requirements.

Your inquiries which came through our marketing and sales department with their specification report according to production code, colors, etc. Will proceeds our production department as sample production. This sample goes our quality control department, after controlling their penetration, defrost and cof range, it is reported to our marketing and sales department and after approvement, the production process begins.

Meanwhile, according to the sales conditions, the sales contracts are made by faximile and transporting organizations are fixed.

Transportings will be made according to your demands by cargo or transporting agents or by our factory.